Going Vegan Made Easy with Cruelty-Free and Sustainable Apparel

Going Vegan Made Easy with Cruelty-Free and Sustainable Apparel

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has been an abuser of animals for a long time. But on the flip side, many clothing companies are taking notice of the cruelty in the industry and are making changes to be more inclusive.

"Vegan fashion" is the idea of participating in fashion that doesn’t harm or use animals in any way. This means avoiding materials such as wool, leather, fur, silk, and countless other animal products.

Vegan fashion has been around for a while, but it's gaining a lot of traction lately. Over the last few years, we have seen more and more designers and companies begin to produce cruelty-free clothing.

It's really exciting to see how much awareness has grown when it comes to the treatment of animals in the fashion industry. The world is changing for the better.

When choosing what to wear every day, it’s important to find items that are stylish and comfortable. But it’s also important to think about sustainability and choose the best options.

All of Allwear’s products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and made from high-quality materials that last. They help to keep animals and people safe from dangerous chemicals and other harmful ingredients found in many traditional fabrics.

Apparel for all means just that, we want to care for people, the planet, AND animals. We use natural, eco-friendly materials with the same or greater comfort and performance as non-vegan options.

We also consider human and animal safety and well-being from the indirect effects of our athletic clothing production.

Vegan-friendly fabrics are guaranteed to be free of animal products including wool, silk, and leather. They are also free of chemical additives that are derived from animal products like lanolin.

Our vegan clothes are soft, breathable, durable, and high-performing. 

While you can generally identify other cruelty-free products by looking for the “no animals were harmed in the making of this garment” and other vegan logos, it’s not always as easy to find cruelty-free clothing that’s organic.

Allwear uses GOTS-certified organic cotton in much of our sustainable technical apparel. This certification requires that we meet strict environmental standards throughout the entire supply chain, including processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading, and distribution.

Traditional cotton farming affects air quality, water systems, soil health, wildlife habitats, and more. It contributes to environmental pollution and global warming.

In contrast, our organic cotton is free of pesticides, insecticides, and harmful chemicals. This allows wild animals to thrive. It’s also safer for the people who manufacture our products and the farmers that grow our organic cotton.

Allwear is a cruelty-free clothing brand that is committed to making vegan clothing that is durable, functional, and stylish. Our products are made with high-quality materials that are eco-friendly and produced sustainably.

That makes our active apparel healthier for people and the planet.

We want to support our people in their quest to help protect animals and encourage the humane treatment of animals.

Here are steps you can take to be vegan in all areas of life.

  1.     Avoid wearing clothing made from animals.

Choose vegan clothing, shoes, and accessories instead of products made from leather, fur, wool, or silk.

  1.     Reduce your meat consumption.  

Try to reduce how much meat you eat or eliminate it completely. Try going meatless one day a week or switching to soy, almond, or oat milk. This can make a big difference in shrinking your carbon footprint!

  1.     Promote veganism.

Encourage others to reduce their consumption of animal products as well. Talk about the importance of going plant-based with family and friends on social media and in person.

  1.     Support the movement.

Volunteer or contribute to organizations that are working to protect animals and promote compassionate living. Vote for candidates and lawmakers who promote cruelty-free living.

It’s a great time to go vegan. Plant-based living goes beyond what you eat, all the way to your closet. So many animals are still treated unethically not only in factory farms, but in the world of fashion.

If you’re looking for ethical and stylish apparel that aligns with your values, Allwear is the perfect fit for you.

We offer cruelty-free staples for all genders, sizes, and walks of life who lead an active lifestyle. We believe in promoting a conscious lifestyle through our products, so you can easily incorporate them into your everyday routine.

Vegan fashion is the future,

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