Fast fashion is harming the planet. Clothing production has more than doubled since 2000, leading to greater emissions and pollution from the fashion industry. Most of these garments end up being thrown away or incinerated, sometimes before they’re ever worn. This unnecessary overproduction and overconsumption that has become the status quo is destroying our planet.

At Allwear, we’re committed to the never-ending pursuit of a more sustainable future. We believe you deserve accountability in fashion with transparent, easy-to-find information.

Our goal is to bring good to people, animals, and the one planet we call home.

Protecting Earth

In every step of design and the supply chain, we’re committed to protecting our planet. In doing so, we source premium, eco-friendly materials that have been rigorously tested for the highest level of functionality and durability. Our sustainability efforts include:

  • 100% of our products use eco-friendly materials that are either recycled or organic.
  • Fabrics that hold certifications from OEKO-TEX, Global Organic Textile Standard, Global Recycled Standard, and Organic Content Standard.
  • Packaging that is recyclable.
  • Implementing energy and water-saving procedures across our manufacturing and operations.
  • Never using hazardous materials and engage in proper disposal practices.
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Empowering People

Allwear is committed to a safe, healthy work environment for our team members whether they’re with us every day or a partner of ours. Since we don’t own the factories that produce our products, we carefully choose partners who showcase a commitment to core values on how they treat their people, protect the earth and run their operations.

Our strict code that all partners must agree to includes:

  • Paying fair, living wages
  • No forced labor
  • No child labor
  • Safe working conditions
  • Right to unionize
  • No discrimination
  • Diversity
  • Gender equality
  • Supportive and positive supplier relationships
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Prioritizing Animals

At Allwear, we care deeply about animals and implement company policy to never use any animal products. We ensure our partners adhere to these standards, including that all of our products and packaging are made with 100% vegan and cruelty-free materials.

We believe we can innovate while simultaneously protecting our animals.

Together, Let’s Make Fashion More Circular

Allwear is designed to lessen production and extend the product life cycle. Our relentless commitment to slow fashion results in products ethically made for shareability, durability, and versatility. We strive to end waste in hopes our apparel never touches a landfill.

Our circularity efforts include:

  • Designing timeless, essentials from eco-friendly, renewable materials that simplify your wardrobe. Less is more.
  • Encouraging sharing, swapping, and rewearing apparel to promote a holistic vision that doesn’t rely on increased production or waste.
  • Developing resources that give customers an alternative to discarding items at the end of their useful life to ‘close the loop’ and achieve full circularity.

At Allwear, we’re against trendy, fast fashion that is quickly discarded when the next season or trend comes around. Instead, we believe in quality apparel that is designed to be wardrobe staples that can—and should—last decades.

While change has long been overdue, we’re proud and optimistic about what the future holds when it comes to sustainable fashion.

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